Waking Watch London

Waking Watch London

About Waking Watch

The Grenfell Tower tragedy revealed a critical need for action. Waking Watch is a life-preserving fire safety measure deployed in response to this need. It is a legal requirement for all buildings that don’t meet certain fire safety criteria.

Dedicated Waking Watch wardens patrol the premises across all floors 24/7. Their presence gives landlords and tenants reassurance that in the event of a fire they will alert residents, call the emergency services and organise a safe evacuation.

Waking Watch in London

Buildings in London Require Waking Watch Protection.

1 in 4 buildings have defects beyond unsafe cladding.

Waking watch reduces the evacuation time to 10-15 minutes.

According to the London Fire Brigade these buildings are all unsafe and have issues ranging from flammable exterior cladding to defective fire safety equipment including sprinklers and fire doors.

Why Waking Watch London?

Waking Watch London was launched by Triton Security in 2017 to provide a comprehensive range of services for apartment blocks and other multiple occupancy buildings. We were the first security provider to identify the need for this vital service.

Waking Watch London is powered by Triton Security’s 20+ years’ experience in securing confidence for people, clients and communities across the UK.

Our clients are private high-rise building owners, councils and tower block building managers. Resident safety and peace of mind are at the heart of our service. The combination of our expertise and 24/7 patrols allows everyone to sleep easy in their beds.

Our Process

Getting Waking Watch London protection is as easy as making a phone call. Our team can be on site the same day, assessing your exact needs and securing confidence in an instant.

As part of our comprehensive service, we offer:

2 Hour Mobilisation

from first phone call to on-site operation.

Geo-tagging technology

monitoring our fire wardens’ on site location 24/7.

Video Call

supporting fire wardens on-site.

Meet the Team

We’ve assembled a team of experts to give you confidence in our services and ability to handle any situation arising on our watch. Triton Waking Watch wardens are approachable and their constant presence allows residents and building managers to sleep easy at night.

Our unwavering commitment lies in the well-being and safety of your residents. We genuinely care about their welfare, and it drives us to deliver waking watch services of the highest standard across London.

Simon Chinnock - Waking Watch Director

Why is understanding the London Market & Geography important?

Every city has its own particular challenges and London is no different. Having been there for London’s residents since day one of setting up our Waking Watch services, we know better than anyone else what it takes to ensure their safety. London has a high-density population and through extensive training and on-site experience, Triton Waking Watch wardens have proven themselves invaluable to the communities they protect. We understand all areas of London and are proud to be the city’s first name for Waking Watch services.

Why is Waking Watch London by Triton market leading?

Firstly, we care about you. Whether you’re a resident, building manager or property owner, your needs drive us to deliver exceptional service every day and night.
Secondly, you will find us very easy to work with. We make complex things simple because we believe it’s the only way to operate. This approach allows us to provide protection that is both fast and effective. For your peace of mind, our evacuation plans are endorsed by London Fire Brigade and we create Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) specifically for those in need of any additional assistance.

We know the importance of resident engagement

Our wardens excel in public-facing settings. They are personable, trustworthy and the friendly face of safety for all residents. We vet and train new recruits to BS7858 and BS7499 standards, which is beyond the industry standard.

We make sure every warden ensures your safety and is highly trained. They are experienced in dealing with any situation that may arise and qualified to respond in an appropriate, timely and professional manner. Above all, Triton Waking Watch fire wardens integrate into theirsurroundings and become an important and valuedpart of the communities they are deployed to protect.

An accredited company you can trust

24-hour helpline for all Triton personnel and clients

Safe contractor approved