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Frequent E-Bike Fires Increase the Importance of Waking Watch Services

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Electronic bikes and scooter have fast become a convenient, eco-friendly method of travel – particularly in busy cities such as London. Recently, there has been increasing concern around the number of fire incidents associated with the lithium-ion batteries these bikes / scooters have.

Current statistics show that there are at least 6 fires a week caused by faulty lithium-ion batteries. As well as major destruction, these fires are estimated to have caused a minimum of 190 injuries and 8 deaths. As a result, UK Charities are calling for stricter regulations on electric bike batteries, which will see them fall into the same category as pyrotechnics and heavy machinery.

A common cause of e-bike fires is when a bike is left to charge overnight, allowing the battery to overheat and burst into flames. It is estimated that a fully charged battery holds a similar amount of energy to 6 grenades which is why the fires spread so rapidly and have a tragic impact.

Waking Watch London, a Triton Security initiate, have opened up a broader conversation linking the occurrence of these fires and the importance of Waking Watch services and protecting homes and residents. The measures adopted in our Waking Watch services can protect people and mitigate the risk of battery-related fires.

Detection & Response

Due to the ferocious power of lithium-ion batteries, these fires can ignite suddenly and spread rapidly. Having highly trained personnel onsite helps to detect signs of fire early and initiate an immediate response to prevent the damage escalating. Waking Watch London provides fire officers and fire wardens that are trained beyond the NFCC guidelines so they are able to initiate evacuation plans and ensure the safety of residents.


The safety concerns of e-bikes and e-bike fires are widely discussed in the media, increasing the awareness of lithium-ion battery fires in public. Educating people on the safety measures they should take if they are in possession of an electronic bike / scooter is paramount to ensure the incident rate of these fires is kept at bay. This information should encourage people to be more proactive and invest in fire safety measures such as waking watch.

Risk Assessment & Inspection

Waking Watch London was born out of the success of Triton Security’s entrance into the waking watch market, and we are proud to be market leaders. As part of our service, we provide 360 degree risk assessments and inspections to identify any potential fire hazards and prevent incidents, such as battery-fires, before they occur.

Waking Watch services are a critical component when it comes to enhancing fire safety in residential buildings. Having waking watch officers present onsite allows incidents to be responded to quickly and effectively and mitigates the risk of fire.

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